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(This message is for Orange County customers only...for now)

Don't let the city keep your permit deposit!

The State of California is on a mission to recycle its waste.  Two separate bills have been proposed and passed (Senate Bill 1374 and Assembly Bill 939) to achieve this.  The laws basically say that 50% or more of waste be diverted from landfills and be recycled.  Because waste is measured by tonnage, construction and demolition projects are prime targets for ciites.  City building departments are implementing systems that require a contractor pulling a permit that includes construction and demolition to give a deposit of up to $500 for each permit to show proof that roof tear off is being recycled.  A receipt providing demolition (tear off) has been recycled will get you your deposit back.  Because public dumps are not considered a recycler, challenges have been created for a growing number of roofing contractors. 

SG has partnered with Madison Materials to help you comply with the new regulations.  Madison Materials is a mixed waste processing facility and heavy volume commingled construction and demolition operation.  SG is able to offer you the following services together with Madison's high tech equipment, advanced machinery:

     1.     AB 939 compliance.
     2.     SB 1374 compliance.
     3.     75% diversion of all construction and demolition waste from all cities in Southern California.
     4.     75% diversion for all demolition contractors.
     5.     Recycling of roofing materials, asphalt, wood (including w/nails), metal, concrete, paper,
             cardboard, carpet, dirt, plastics 1-7, e-waste, appliances, green waste, and sod. 

This innovative partnership between SG and Madison Materials also has the following key benifits:

Location - Madison Materials is centrally located in Orange County (next door to SG Santa Ana).
Efficiency - Madison Materials is privately owned and operated so it is in their best interest to have you in and out and back to work as quickly as possible (unlike a public dump).
Hours of operation - Open Monday through Friday 6:00am - 5:00 pm (open an hour earlier and later than any public dump).
Capcaity - Madison materials is far from its total daily capacity so you will not be turned away causing a second inefficient trip to dump tear off.
Cash flow - Charge your recycling fees on your SG account by supplying Madison with an SG PO number.  This will work exactly like a will call at tile plant with your truck.
Security - No need to give an employee a blank check hoping you will get a receipt.
Tracking - By receiving a bill from SG for your recycling fees we can apply it to the appropriate job enabling you to more accurately job cost. 
Save $$ - SG's competitive rate will save you money, assist in your compliance, and give you the ability to get your deposit back.
Vehicle condition - Sometimes public dumps are nesting areas for city police to write fix it tickets or red tag for your dump trucks.  Madison is a private, not public facility.
Recycle - Take part in helping the environment by recycling your tear off.
Purchase Roofing Material - Recycling next door to SG allows you to purchase any short term needs
you may have to assist with your next job.  No need to make a special trip. 

OK, I like this recycle idea, so how do I start?

1.     An SG "Star preferred Customer" laminated card will be issued to you by mail or in person.  This must be shown on every
        dump to protecct you from someone else claimin to be from your company.
2.     When you are ready to make a dump call SG Sant Ana for a PO number.  A PO number is good for only one dump.  (Do not
        dump more than 1 time on a PO number to avoid accountability errors and clean biliing.)
3.     Take your tear off to Madison Materials next door to SG Santa Ana, drive directly up on the scale and show the man in the
        booth your SG "Star Preferred Customer" laminated card and tell him your SG PO number.
4.     Madison Materials will then weigh your vehicle and ask you to dump a few feet away.
5.     Drive back on the scale to be weighed empty.  (You only need to be weighed twice on the first entry per truck).
6.     A small sticker with a code number will be placed on your truck to identify its empty weight so the next recycle trip will only
        require one scale weighing.
7.     A receipt will be given to the driver and he drives away.  This receipt is your golden ticket to your deposit return.
8.     SG will bill you on your SG account.  SG will also reference the Madison Material weigh ticket number on your invoice.
If you don't have an account with SG and want to use this service, call us at (714) 568-1900.