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About SG Wholesale Roofing Supplies

SG Wholesale Roofing Supplies has been family owned and operated for 3 generations while serving licensed contractors in Southern California.  We focus specifically on roofing products and have a huge industry knowledge supported by a large investment in inventory, equipment, and locations.  As a local independent distributor, SG places high priority on contractor relationships, safety, and employees.  Our customers and vendors recognize our significant ability to provide value added services and materials at a level above our peers in the industry.  We desire to supply roofing materials to professionals with a strong business grasp of contracting.

With our experienced sales staff, you can count on SG to provide the roofing information you are seeking.  Our sales experts know and understand the evolution of most materials, applications, processes, and legislation surrounding the roofing industry in California.

SG is the select distributor choice for so many manufacturers because they recognize our commitment to contractor education, knowledge of products, job site service, and safety.  SG inventories and supplies manufactured products from the best names in the industry.

About Our Employees

We are proud of our employees. Some employees have spent most of their professional lives here retiring after a successful career.


Our branch staff offer the benefits of years of experience gained from warehousing, loading, driving, dispatching, and sales positions.  We are an equal opportunity employer and are members in good standing of multiple professional organizations.






About Our Customer

Our target customer is the roofing contractor who understands business and has made a financial commitment to service his customer.  We are pleased to say that we extend credit accounts only for professionals.  A contractor’s license is one of the minimum requirements for SG to provide financing of material purchases.  SG extends an invitation to your business to join our team of satisfied contractors who have enjoyed the successes we’ve shared over the course of three generations.  Stop in and visit with one of our sales experts today.  We look forward to earning your business.

About Our Services

SG has a deserving reputation for outstanding service.  Ask a manufacturer’s representative to recommend a distributor who can provide consistently strong service and you will find SG is often their first response.  Classroom seminars, product demonstrations, and hands-on educational events are performed at many of our locations.  Combine this service with the fact that we specialize in so many types of products by top manufacturers and it is evident why our customer’s are the smartest people in the business.


SG features a large modern fleet of trucks including semi-tractors, cranes, reach machines, piggyback forklifts, and conveyor trucks.  We also have the manpower to get the material where you need it, on the roof.  With such a variety of equipment, along with certified operators and safety training we are proud of our ability to deliver product without compromising the wellbeing of our employees, damaging your job site, or damaging the prime condition of the materials.  We compensate our employees for performance and take the time to train and provide continuous safety education ensuring proper delivery techniques and practices.  This commitment to our personnel has improved our service while helping reduce overhead expenditures associated with workplace injuries and accidents. 


Over the years, SG’s commitment to use technology relating to business and transportation has had a tremendous impact on our licensed contractors.  We are able to maintain accurate inventories, accurate deliveries, and accurate invoicing for our customers.  With a cooperatively integrated network of locations in Southern California, our expert sales team can use this technology to get you the correct information every time.